The Reading Professor

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As our educational landscape continues to shift, so must our practices in higher education, including those of the literacy clinic. As we transition to various digital modalities, it is essential to research the self-perceptions and feelings of preparedness that result from the completion of the practicum experience. This case study was designed to examine participants' perceptions of their ability to plan, design, and implement literacy interventions with school-age students. Participants were in-service teachers who were seeking a graduate degree and/or reading endorsement in an online program. As part of their reading endorsement practicum requirement, they served as tutors in an online literacy clinic. Data were obtained from three sources: a post-practicum survey, a written reflection at the end of the practicum, and competency ratings on a key assessment. The results of this study revealed positive self-perceptions in relation to teaching and learning as a result of the online practicum experience. Data from the study revealed that participants gained self-efficacy and positive self-perceptions in planning, designing, and implementing literacy lessons that met the needs of their students during the online clinical experience. This study also provided insights into online reading teacher program development.