The Reading Professor

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Teachers in the 21st century must be able to create conditions for justice within their classrooms and the broader educational system while simultaneously preparing children with the digital literacies that are necessary to be fully literate. Yet, there is evidence that many teachers are not prepared to do either. Thus, teacher educators have a responsibility to create conditions within teacher preparation that support pre-service teachers (PSTs) to do both. This research project aimed to design and test a framework that builds equity into the Technology Integration Planning Cycle (TIPC) to support PSTs' ability to advance justice within their practice while utilizing technology in ways that enhance literacy instruction. Design-based Research allowed us to ask: Does the framework Considering Equity in Technology Integration (CEITI) support pre-service teachers in designing and teaching literacy lessons that utilize digital and traditional literacies while simultaneously considering how those instructional decisions will advance equity within their classroom? If so, how? Results, based on two iterations of data collection, analysis, and design demonstrate that the CEITI framework is a useful scaffold for PSTs.