The Reading Professor

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During the Fall 2021 semester of a Reading Assessment and Intervention course, an instructor and two doctoral graduate assistants piloted a study in which the instructor used "bug-in-ear" (BIE) technology to deliver teaching prompts to preservice teacher (PST) tutors while they listened to children read in a virtual tutorial setting. The course instructor joined virtual tutorial sessions over Zoom using a laptop computer and communicated with the tutors via phone, through a Bluetooth earpiece provided for them. The BIE coaching occurred during the 10-minute guided reading portion of the lesson, and during the child's oral reading of the text, the instructor provided prompts for the tutor to try when the child encountered a point of difficulty and suggested teaching points to follow the child's reading of the text. The tutoring and coaching sessions were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. Other forms of collected data included field notes and a transcript from a semi-structured focus group interview with the tutors. Data analysis revealed that the pilot was successful in terms of technology use and the ways in which the tutors learned from the experience.