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MA in Psychology



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Raymond DiGiuseppe

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Susan Gaylord


This study investigates the types of anger profiles an Asian population experiences in response to racial and social injustice. Dr. Myisha Cherry theorized five types of racial anger. Four types reflected maladaptive anger (rogue, wipe, resentment, and narcissistic rage), and one reflected adaptive anger (Lordean rage). I hypothesized a five- or six-factor solution to address racial anger based on Cherry's theory. To test this, self-identified Asian participants (n = 69) completed the Anger Racism Scale, which consisted of the Racial Anger Subtypes Questionnaire, Social Engagement Questionnaire, Anger Over Racism Dysfunctional Consequences Questionnaire, STAXI-2 Trait Anger Scale, and Constructive Anger Behavior Scale. An exploratory factor analysis with oblimin rotation yielded a three-factor solution (Factor 1 = Lordean Rage, Factor 2 = Resentment Rage, Factor 3 = Rogue Rage). The results indicated a strong presence of adaptive anger within an Asian population and substantiated the existence of three of Cherry’s anger types. A correlation matrix revealed Lordean rage had strong correlations with constructive anger behaviors (r(69) = .620, p < .05) and dysfunctional anger over racism (r(69) = -.628, p < .05). Future researchers should distribute the Anger Racism Scale to a broader population to assess if anger responses differ across races and ethnicities. The potential influence of colonial mentality on anger responses is also discussed.

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