Submissions from 2022

College readiness workshop development in a pandemic: e-Collaboration to support in-person restrictions, Katherine C. Aquino

Supporting experiential learning opportunities for students with disabilities., Katherine C. Aquino and Carolyn Plump

Disability resource professionals' perceived challenges in Minority Serving Institutions during COVID-19: Recommendations for supporting students with disabilities., Katherine C. Aquino and Sally Scott

They're coming in pretty defeated': Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic., Katherine C. Aquino and Sally Scott

Vocational rehabilitation counselors' perceptions on the impact of COVID-19: Transition to remote services and support needs of VR clients., Bryan Dallas, Katherine C. Aquino, and Sally Scott

Submissions from 2021

Investigating the role of disability in an adult learner undergraduate program., Katherine C. Aquino

Review of the book, Lived experiences of ableism in academia: Strategies for inclusion in higher education, by Nicole Brown, Katherine C. Aquino

The disability resource office and COVID-19: Disability and accessibility support during the pandemic within the two-year postsecondary environment., Katherine C. Aquino and Sally Scott

Submissions from 2020

Investigating postsecondary administrators’ perceptions of disability within the context of student diversity, Katherine C. Aquino

Device usage and accessible technology needs for post-traditional students in the e-learning environment., Katherine C. Aquino and Shawna BuShell

Research guidelines for higher education and disability., Joseph W. Madaus, Lyman L. Dukes III, Adam R. Lalor, Katherine C. Aquino, Michael Faggella-Luby, Lynn A. Newman, Clare Papay, Stefania Petcu, Sally Scott, and Roger D. Wessel

Submissions from 2019


The Self-(un)Identification of Disability in Higher Education, Katherine C. Aquino and Joshua D. Bittinger


Extent of Student-College Matching for Students Enrolled in Special Education Services, Katherine C. Aquino and Ryan P. Hudes


Leadership for Youth Empowerment Within a Family-Based Community Program, Elizabeth Gil

Submissions from 2018


Examining Latina/o Students’ Experiences of Injustice: LatCrit Insights from a Texas High School, Kristy Cooper Stein, James Wright, Elizabeth Gil, Andrew Miness, and Dion Ginanto


Leveraging Technology toward Family Supports for and Development of Middle Schoolers, Elizabeth Gil


Response to “Redesigning Systems of School Accountability”: Addressing Underlying Inequities, Elizabeth Gil and Taeyeon Kim

Submissions from 2016


A New Theoretical Approach to Postsecondary Student Disability: Disability-Diversity (Dis)Connect Model, Katherine C. Aquino

Submissions from 2015


Review of the Book, E-Learning and Disability in Higher Education: Accessibility Research and Practice, by Jane K. Seale, Katherine C. Aquino

Submissions from 2014


Book Review of The Human Side of the Strategic Planning Process in Higher Education by Robert P. Delprino, Katherine C. Aquino