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This study explores reading and library factors related to secondary school student academic outcomes in rural areas in Uganda. This mixed methods study utilized quantitative data collected as part of a more extensive project to explore six student factors in relation to students’ school, library, and home environments. The Kitengesa Community Library in Uganda ( served as the site for this study. The factors explored for this study include reading frequency, library use frequency, library access, overall grade average, and presence and type of reading materials in the home. Results indicated that both reading frequency and certain types of reading materials read for recreational purposes are correlated with higher overall grade average. Reading frequency was positively correlated with student overall grade average for all students.

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IFLA Journal

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Valeda Dent and Geoff Goodman, The Rural Library's Role in Ugandan Secondary Students' Reading Habits, IFLA Journal (Vol. 41, Iss. 1) pp. 53-62. Copyright © 2015 Valeda Dent and Geoff Goodman. DOI: 10.1177/0340035215571114.