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MA in English



First Advisor

Latoya Sawyer

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Anne Geller


In 2019, female hip-hop artists’ used their platforms to break through the glass ceiling of hip-hop misogynoir by reclaiming what it means to be unapologetic.The artists’ unapologetic lyrics, which explores the power in owning their sex appeal has shifted how listeners regard female hip-hop artists. With strategic marketing, these artists’ have used their social media platforms as a tool to reclaim what it means to be sexy while dominating in hip-hop. Megan Thee Stallion’s catchphrase and the accessibility she provides to her fans via social media stands out most. With over ten million Instagram followers her use of hashtags, uploading consistent content, and utilizing various in application features, like going on Instagram live, to connect with her fans helped to heighten her visibility. I will analyze the cultural impact of the summer 2019 “Hot Girl Summer” phenomenon and its mass circulation on social media, particularly via Instagram hashtags. I use both a Black feminist and ratchet framework in the analysis. I specifically target Black women Instagram users' use of the hashtag #hotgirl as a subjectivity and how it has become a performative identity.