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Education (Ph.D)


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Barbara Cozza

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Roger Bloom

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Katherine C. Aquino


The purpose of the study was to explore the lived experiences of male nursing students and recent graduates of nursing school as related to their attraction to the profession, recruitment into a nursing school, retention and persistence toward attainment of a baccalaureate nursing degree. The participants in the study included male baccalaureate nursing students who were engaged in their last year of nursing school, and male recent graduates who successfully completed their baccalaureate nursing degree within the last three years. The participants were between 24 to 46 years of age. The study employed a phenomenological design. A semi-structured interview protocol was developed to conduct one-to-one interviews with six male nursing students and recent graduates regarding participants’ perceptions of their lived experiences within their nursing schools and the profession. By understanding factors that influence male students’ attraction to the profession, recruitment into a nursing school, and retention and persistence of male baccalaureate nursing students toward successful attainment of a nursing degree, recommendations for best practices and structural improvements within institutions of higher education can be used to mediate the nursing shortage by creating equity and access for gender inclusion in the profession.