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Education (Ph.D)


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Anthony J. Annunziato

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Richard Bernato

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James Campbell


The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to research a diverse school in Westchester County, New York to analyze whether it is aligned to 21st century practices. This study used both qualitative and quantitative data from focus-group interviews, surveys and non-participant observations with administrators, teachers and department chairpersons to determine whether the school is aligned with 21st century practices to create an employable 21st century student. Furthermore, this study attempted to determine what gaps exist to make a student employable according to the needs of today and the future.

By analyzing the literature review, the researcher developed a conceptual framework. By examining studies by Tony Wagner, Linda Darling-Hammond, Thomas Friedman, Ken Robinson, Yong Zhao and other researchers, the data were then aligned to the conceptual framework, which answers the research questions.

This study revealed that the school being researched implemented and practiced many components of the researcher’s conceptual framework. The study of the data then revealed gaps in the researcher’s conceptual framework regarding funding and socio-emotional support.

The data revealed that the school was faithfully implementing the teaching of 21st century skills, utilizing some 21st century learning environments, developing a 21st century curriculum and had 21st century teachers implementing 21st century pedagogical practices. The data further revealed that the majority of the components were being implemented or utilized.

This study demonstrated that the school has implemented structures and is maintaining practices that support a student becoming employable in the 21st century.