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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Stephanie L. Tatum


This qualitative study focuses on the use and implementation of instructional technology in K-12 physical education classes in suburban school districts on Long Island, New York. Novice (less than three years teaching experience), intermediate (four to fourteen years), and veteran (more than fifteen years) public school educators were interviewed on their knowledge and use of instructional technology in their current teaching methods.

Factors influencing or limiting use of instructional technology among K-12 physical educators was examined. The study includes demographics, such as gender, years of professional teaching experience, instructional technology training, computer proficiency skills, and types of instructional technology used in their teaching practices. Examined in this study was K-12 physical educators’ implementation of instructional technology throughout their district’s curriculum. Results indicated some challenges with implementing instructional technology which were keeping up to date with changing software and hardware, district budget constraints, participant’s training in and use of instructional technology. Benefits and opportunities with implementing instructional technology included enhancing student learning and strengthening teacher effectiveness.