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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

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Anthony Annunziato


This study will examine the relationship between school counselor and ELL student and see if at risk and diverse populations graduate on time when they have a relationship with their counselor. Also if the school counselors have additional training helps school counselors form relationships with their students. The researcher will inquire about additional certifications, such as mental health counseling, school counselors may have and if having additional certifications creates a connection and increase the graduation rate. Administrators that oversee counselors from Suffolk County high schools on Long Island will be asked to participate in the survey on ethnicity, certifications and graduation rates. Administrators will be asked to answer the fourteen survey questions. The role of a school counselor is to build trusting relationships. These relationships define the dynamics among counselors and students. Counselors that form stronger connections with a student can be particularly helpful for students as they go through changes and challenges in becoming an adult

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