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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Barbara Cozza

Second Advisor

Richard Bernato

Third Advisor

James Coviello


The increase in the English language learner (ELL) student population in New York state has significantly impacted education in many school districts. The New York State Education Department has adjusted regulations for instructing ELL students in Part 154, and administrators and educators are adjusting educational programs to meet ELL student needs through bilingual and English as a new language (ENL) educational programs. The main purpose of this study was to explore perceptions regarding opportunities, challenges, and successes in a bilingual program for ELL students and examine how an organizational culture influences ELL education in the bilingual program. This qualitative multicase study included interviews, classroom observations, and artifacts in an examination of teacher and administrator perceptions of the bilingual program and the school culture. The five participants included two high school general education teachers, two high school bilingual education teachers, and the director of ENL/bilingual education in the study district. The classroom observations took place in a high school bilingual history class and a high school ENL class for emerging and beginner ELL students. The artifacts collected included documents, parent communication letters, and program videos related to the bilingual/ENL educational programs. The theoretical framework of organizational culture guided the analysis. The significance of this research involved the provision of guidance for educational leaders and administrators delivering professional development regarding bilingual/ENL education to shape school culture, support ELL student education, and increase academic success.