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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

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Joan Birringer-Haig

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Ceceilia Parnther

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Stephon Kotok


Black men’s resilience has historically been discussed, interwoven, and disguised by deficit-based models rather than strength-based ones. The current study examined Black men's resilience using a strength-based model for Black male students in higher education institutions. Specifically, the experiences and resilience of Black men before and during the COVID-19 pandemic were explored. This study targeted Black male students from an urban institution, with the aim to find out what key elements supported their resilient behavior throughout the most challenging times in their college career. The African American Male Theory and Resiliency Theory used as the theoretical framework. A narrative methodology approach was used to study 10 Black males, ages 18 and over who self-identified as Black and exemplified resilience through their grade point averages (GPA). Interviews and focus groups were conducted using a WebEx online platform to obtain the research data. The research used themes such as barriers that impacted Black males, spiritual and religious guidance and effective college resources to examine the central research question: What are Black males experiences of resilience while in college?

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