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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Anthony Annunziato

Second Advisor

Richard Bernato

Third Advisor

Stephen Kotok


The response to intervention (RTI) program has been implemented throughout the United States as a response to the federal law known as the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEA), which requires struggling students to receive a series of intense instructional modifications that are monitored on a continuous basis (Cowan & Maxwell, 2015). (a) The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions teachers in one middle-sized suburban school have of RTI. This will expand our understanding of the perceived benefits, limitations, and changes needed to increase the fidelity and effectiveness of the program. A singular qualitative case study design was utilized to gather perceptions of a purposeful sample consisting of classroom teachers and interventionists charged with implementing the RTI program within a classroom and/or office setting. (b) All participants were NYS-certified teachers with a Master's level degree, who have been teaching for over 10 years. (c) Individual in-person interviews were conducted to gain an understanding of the teachers’ perceptions of RTI and were audio recorded and transcribed. Data was also collected via classroom observations, during which field notes were collected. Data was triangulated and coded to identify emergent themes to develop a thick descriptive narrative of the findings. (d) This research addressed the shortcoming of existing studies on teachers’ perceptions of the benefits, limitations, and changes warranted for the RTI program to successfully meet the needs of all students. The information gathered in this study provides new insights into what teachers deem as necessary to successfully implement RTI with fidelity. It also identified valuable information to inform practice and improve the National and State level goals and standards for the effective implementation of the RTI program.