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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Joan Birringer-Haig

Second Advisor

Cecelia Parnther

Third Advisor

Anthony Annunziato


Co-teaching is an instructional strategy for pairing special education and general education teachers to provide specially designed instruction to students with disabilities in general education settings. Instructional coaching is a professional development model that can provide co-teachers with additional strategies to effectively educate special and general education students in their classes. This type of professional development can also influence co-teacher perceptions and mindsets about co-teaching. This study examined the relationships between co-teacher instructional coaching and co-teacher growth mindsets. This mixed methods study, utilizing an explanatory sequential design, analyzed the relationship between instructional coaching and co-teacher perceptions of growth mindset. Special education and general education co-teachers (grades k – 8) from a suburban school district located in the northeastern United States participated in this study.This study examined the growth mindsets of co-teachers to determine if differences existed between co-teachers who have received instructional coaching and those who have not. This study provides school administrators with information about the mindsets of co-teachers, allowing administrators to consider instructional coaching as a vehicle for changing teachers' mindsets and for improving the academic achievement of special education students.