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Psychology (Ph.D.)



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Raymond DiGiuseppe

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Lauren Moskowitz

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Imad Zaheer


Although extensive research has investigated the role of the supervisory relationship during internship within different fields of psychology, little is known about the nature of the supervisory relationship during the yearlong school psychology internship. The current study investigated the nature of the supervisory relationship in a group of 295 school psychologists, including ratings of working alliance, satisfaction with supervision, and quality of the supervisory relationship, and determined if these constructs could predict of the outcome of willingness to serve as a school psychology supervisor in the future. This study also developed two new measures of satisfaction with supervision that are specific to the field of school psychology. Large positive correlations were found amongst all aspects of the supervisory relationship, and between the two newly developed, school psychology specific measures of supervisory satisfaction with a widely used measure of supervisory satisfaction initially developed for use in the field of clinical psychology. Supervisory satisfaction was higher when all ten domains of school psychology practice were addressed in supervision. Results also suggested a small negative relationship between aspects of the supervisory relationship and future willingness to supervise an intern. Strengths, limitations, and implications for the practice of school psychology are discussed.

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