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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

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Joan Birringer-Haig

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Stephen Kotok

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Katherine Aquino


The present study examines the impact of on-campus childcare on student parent success. Researchers believe the role stress they experience while balancing their responsibilities as students and parents, combined with their increased likelihood of experiencing financial stressors relative to their peers, impact their success outcomes. Supports like on-campus childcare and financial assistance have both shown positive impacts on student parent success but more research is need to understand their combined impact on student parent success. This study used ex post facto data from n=10785 students that were enrolled in at least one class at New York Community College in fall 2018. T-tests, logistic regression, one-way ANOVA and chi-square analysis was conducted with propensity score matched samples to compare non-parents, parents, parents using the on-campus childcare center, and parents using the on-campus childcare center and receiving some type of financial support on success outcomes. Results for student parents vs. non-parent students were consistent with previous research showing poorer outcomes for student parents. Results for parents with children enrolled in childcare in showed positive differences in attempted credits and persistence . There were no significant results relating to funding status. CGCC Findings from this study can be used to shape policy and funding associated with on-campus childcare.