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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



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Mark D Terjesen

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Beverly Greene

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Samuel O Ortiz


As sexual and/or gender minority (SGM) youth are at-risk for discrimination and mental health problems, the purposes of this study were to document the state of SGM-related training and professional development for school psychologists, understand school psychologists’ engagement in SGM-related activities, and gain insight into barriers to engagement in those activities. Three data sources were analyzed: 145 syllabi from 35 school psychology graduate programs; 1,905 presentations from ten years of National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) annual conventions; and survey data from 205 school psychologists. SGM content was appropriately represented at NASP but not in graduate education. Most survey respondents reported that hypothesized barriers had limited impact upon their engagement in SGM-related activities; however, most also reported spending very little time engaged in SGM-related activities. Relationships between demographic variables, time in training, comfort with engaging in SGM-related activities, and time engaged in SGM-related activities were analyzed. Implications for researchers, trainers, and practitioners are discussed.

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