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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Catherine Di Martino

Second Advisor

Katherine C Aquino

Third Advisor

Stephen Kotok


Students identified as unprepared for college work face considerable barriers to performance and college completion. To improve underprepared student outcomes, community colleges where most underprepared students enroll are using different models of developmental education. A recently implemented model in mathematics is a corequisite course designed to increase students’ chances of success by using different methods of instruction to decrease student time to completion. This corequisite course accelerates students placed in developmental math classes and offers students the opportunity to complete their developmental requirements while taking college-level work and earning college credit. As developmental mathematics poses the biggest barrier for underprepared students, this study examined the corequisite developmental education model of instruction at one community college and students' perception of their math abilities and influence in achieving success in math. Understanding student agency and academic self -efficacy in the learning process can enable students to enact the behaviors that can lead to desired outcomes and student success. Semi-structured interviews, focus groups, documents, and field notes comprised this qualitative methodology.