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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Stephen Kotok

Second Advisor

Ceceilia Parnther

Third Advisor

Catherine DiMartino


This quantitative study examines the relationship between teachers' and parents' trust in the school principal in association with third-grade students reading proficiency as determined by the New York State Testing Program. In addition, this study examines the association between combined trust scores and their influence on Black and Latino students’ reading proficiency. This study merged preexisting New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Learning Environment Survey data and the New York State Testing Program examination data. Six hundred eleven schools comprised the final sample from the 708 public elementary schools that currently make up the NYCDOE traditional public school system (the data did not include charter schools, preschools, K-2 schools, or D75 schools). Regression analyses were used to determine whether teachers' and parents' trust in principals influenced third-grade reading proficiency. This study concentrated on trust in schools to address the achievement gap in reading proficiency across the educational system.