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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



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Lauren Moskowitz

Second Advisor

William Chaplin

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Meredith Owens


The present study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Positive Family Intervention (PFI), delivered via teletherapy, for a family of a child diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). PFI combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive-behavior support (PBS). A single-subject AB design was used across one participant to evaluate changes in observed problem behavior. Following nine weeks of baseline data collection, the participating mother was administered PFI via WebEx for eight 90-minute sessions, once per week. After the treatment was complete, three weeks of post-treatment follow-up data on problem behavior were collected from video- recordings. The participant uploaded naturalistic videos of her child’s problem behavior in a specific setting to a secure online server. The effect of PFI on parental depression, stress, and cognitions was also evaluated using pre- and post- treatment data collection. Results indicated a substantial decrease in both observed and parent-reported problem behavior over the course of the treatment. Non-significant decreases were reported in parental depression and stress. Small to medium changes in parental attribution of child problem behavior were also reported following treatment. The implications of these changes are discussed, as well as the limitations of the present study and directions for future research.

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Psychology Commons