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MA in Psychology



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Andrea J Bergman

Second Advisor

Tamara Del Vecchio


This study assessed if sleep and the executive function (EF) of response inhibition interact to predict intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration in emerging adults. This study conducted a secondary data analysis on a sample of college students in romantic relationships who completed a series of EF tasks and self-report measures on emotional and relationship functioning. This study analyzed data from 86 college students (81% female) between the ages of 18-23. Moderational models were tested to evaluate whether deficits in response inhibition and sleep problems interact to predict IPV perpetration. Perpetration of any IPV, only minor forms of IPV, and only severe forms of IPV were evaluated in three separate models. Interaction terms were not significant at the 0.05 level after bias-corrected bootstrapping. These results may point to other EFs as more important risk factors in the perpetration of IPV.

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Psychology Commons