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Philosophy (Ph.D)



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Mauricio Borrero

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Alejandro Quintana

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Joseph Bongiorno


This dissertation examines and explores through several case studies involving the political and intellectual significance of the development of a transnational dialogue between Italian leftist parties and American political organizations from the period before the Second World War to the Early Cold War period. An investigation of Girolamo Valenti and his actions with unions and labor-minded organizations demonstrates his activism with cultivating and establishing a strong relationship in the United States and Italy. This relationship materializes in the advocacy of relief for Italy after the Second World War, promoting for American involvements in Italian politics, and attempting to have an impact on Italian political life. The analysis of L'Unità del Popolo, a New York based newspaper, presents the political goal of the publication. The newspaper had the intentional goal of establishing and creating a transatlantic communist and socialist link between Americans and Italians. This link is especially clear during the McCarthy Era, when Italian unions go on strike in favor of L'Unità del Popolo and when American politicians shine a spotlight on the publication’s transnational objectives. Finally, this dissertation uses archival material of the Partito Comunista Italiano to discern the effects and impacts of correspondence with organizations, parties, and individuals in the United States. The dialogue established furthered the solidification of political and intellectual goals of the party. The degree of communication between Togliatti and other prominent members of the PCI with American political actors demonstrated how a transnational relationship was utilized to support and solidify certain political and intellectual objectives.

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