Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Education (Ph.D)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Catherine DiMartino

Second Advisor

Anthony Annunziato

Third Advisor

Richard Bernato


This study was designed to investigate the decision-making processes involved with deciding the funding and framing of music programs in three suburban school districts in the New York metropolitan area. School leaders were interviewed to understand the factors associated with the decision-making process. The findings helped to understand educational leaders’ perceptions, how programs changed over time, and the different actions that were taken. Key educators and school leaders from three school districts in the suburban New York Metropolitan area were interviewed. The participants from each school district included a district school leader, a building school leader, a school finance leader, a lead music educator, and a music teacher. The study used a qualitative case study design to examine the decision-making processes of school leaders regarding general and instrumental music programs. The study was bounded by place and time as only public-school suburban districts in the New York Metropolitan area were part of the research during the 2020-2021 school year. The research was conducted using data collected through different data sources such as individual interviews, academic achievement data, school music curricula, and district budget.