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MS in Inernational Communication


Division of Mass Communication

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Mark Juszczak


This study investigates the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the framing of news about China/Chinese by three selected Nigerian Newspapers, The Punch, The Nation, and The Sun. A total of 350 articles mentioning China or Chinese were examined using the content analysis method to determine the news writers' dominant frames. The research employs the qualitative method. Three frames emerged as dominant in the analysis, the Economic Consequence Frame, the Human-Interest Frame, and the Conflict Frame. The result shows that Nigerian Newspapers paid more attention to China after the index case of COVID-19 in Nigeria. It also discovered that most of the news reflected negative news about China globally and Chinese residents in Nigeria. The implication is that the Covid-19 pandemic influenced the framing of China in Nigerian Newspapers. Given the rapidly growing Chinese population and interests in Nigeria, more research is needed to determine whether media news framing affects Nigerians' attitude toward China and its citizens.

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