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The Covid-19 pandemic has upended educational systems, but elementary students can and will succeed during remote learning if students are given the proper resources, if teachers create and follow individual goals for each student, and if school districts provide the proper training and protective equipment for their teachers and students. This includes elementary students in special education if the schools follow each child’s specific Individualized Education Program’s (IEP’s) annual goals, if students are provided extra online resources, are sent physical sensory boards, and therapies are continued in a virtual setting. The question that is then presented is what does it mean to succeed? Test scores cannot be counted or measured because states cancelled all state tests in 2020, however, success can be shown through teacher, administration, student and family surveys alongside attendance statistics, percentages of students turning in assignments, or engagement surveys. I will be looking at public, private, and charter networks to see how these schools differ depending upon if they are in middle or upper income areas or if they are in a lower income area and how that effects both what success looks like and if students are given the necessary technology and resources to even attend school in a remote setting.

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