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Master of Business Administration



First Advisor

William D. Reisel, Ph.D.


This research examines the Philippine context, particularly Metro Manila and surrounding regions, during the pandemic which made it possible for budding entrepreneurs to come up with new initiatives like online food business operations by which they could earn an income despite difficult circumstances, and for consumers to purchase meals more conveniently. A survey, divided into six sections, was prepared and sent out to several small-scale food business establishments that operate in the Philippines. Majority of the respondents were female (84%), aged 26 years old and above (96%), with an average total income less than Php 100,000 (US $ 2,000) (68%), and are based in the National Capital Region (NCR) Metro, in the cities Manila and Quezon City. Based on the anchor points used in this research, the analysis is divided into three main sections: 1) Needs: needs of consumers and entrepreneurs, 2) Interventions: interventions of consumers and entrepreneurs aimed at fulfilling these needs, and 3) Evaluation of the effects of these interventions. This study looked at some of these small e-commerce food businesses in the Philippine setting, in order to understand their operational structures, strategies and challenges, and analyzed them with the usage of time-tested analytical models. It was done so not merely with the providing appropriate recommendations for their future operation and growth-oriented undertakings, but also to add to the evolving literature on the impacts and repercussions of COVID-19 crisis that has rocked the world.