Date of Award


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Degree Name

MA in Spanish


Languages and Literature

First Advisor

Marie-Lise Gazarian


The proposed work here is a literary creation: a play accompanied by a critical study on it. The work (second part) introduces us to characters that thanks to the contest of the dream dimension - the invention of the last dream of the King of Castile, Alfonso XI - make a trip in the future. They flee from the medieval plague of 1348, sail to the unknown and meet, after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, in 2020, in dystopia. Things are deteriorating and navigators end up being expelled from this place. The framework of the play was built around stories of dreams located in a distant era, so it has been necessary to prepare prolegomenon that explains all the peculiarities of this period. The fantastic and symbolic elements of the work have been deliberately clarified and the "intentio operis", within an exercise of a literary self-criticism. The first part of this work is an addendum, a kind of hermeneutics for the reader, and can be appreciated, according to the choice, before or after reading the theatrical production.

Available for download on Saturday, July 22, 2023