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MS in Inernational Communication


Division of Mass Communication

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Mark Darius Juszczak


The main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether or not the notorious Cornelius Packard Rhoads should be considered racist for his time period. The medical practitioners during the early 1900’s did not typically censor their dialogue and actions when referring to minorities, so it will be essential to study their rhetoric in medical journals for that time period. I will also pay close attention to how Rhoads was spoken about in articles during his era versus contemporary society. The significance of contemporary bias in contemporary writing will be beneficial to note as the distinction in context may provide validity to my claim. My research methodology will include locating the context of specific operational terms present in articles and the database of medical journals so that I may understand the racial viewpoints of medical practitioners and Rhoads during this time. The significance of this study is so that we can recognize the judgements we may place on historical figures without analyzation of their past