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Education (Ed.D.)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Erin M Fahle


Professional development, in some form, is a critical part of a teachers’ evolution and how they learn and develop new skills to integrate into their teaching practice. This quantitative study was conducted to describe the extent to which self-efficacy is fostered by the type of technology integration professional development (one-to-one coaching or traditional professional development) in which a teacher participates when they later try to incorporate technology into their lessons. The sample will be currently working teachers from suburban Long Island school districts who voluntarily responded to a 3-part, 39 question survey distributed via a listserv. The survey collected teacher demographics such as years teaching and subject taught as well as measured their mindset (fixed, mixed, or growth) and self-efficacy for technology integration. The latter two parts of the survey were taken from previously existing surveys and modified for use in this study with permission from the authors. The results of this study help to identify connections between a teacher’s mindset, their years of experience, the subject matter they teach, and their feelings of self-efficacy with technology integration.