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Master of Business Administration



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Timothy Keiningham


This investigation explores the current state of fan management and engagement in the sports management, and its growing importance within sports clubs as a driver of revenue. Among the different aspects embedded in sports organizations’ management, “fan experience” has become one of the most relevant and innovative concepts developed. In 1980s, ticketing represented 90% of the turnover; currently, ticketing accounts for between 15% and 20% of revenue. Revenue is now largely derived from other sources of entries: e.g. broadcasting, TV rights, sponsorship and commercial deals. Fan experience, in this scenario, arises as a new lever for sports clubs for diversifying and increasing revenues (establishing a direct relationship between fan engagement and revenues). Leveraging my position as Press Officer at Juventus FC, data was collected from interviews with experts in the industry, such as Francesco Campagna (Protocol Officer President Office at UEFA) and Mike Cragg (Athletic Director at St John’s University), and a survey completed by more than 100 sports fans. The results point to a positive impact from managing fan engagement on financial outcomes for sports teams.