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MA in Psychology



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Elizabeth Brondolo

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Cassandra D'Accordo


Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a process that captures a patient’s wishes in the case of future circumstances in which they are unable to express them. Studies show that less than one third of the general population has completed some type of formal Advance Directive (AD). There are barriers to completing ADs, and these barriers operate on multiple levels, including, patient, provider and institutional. To improve providers’ capacity to help patients complete ACP, and overcome these barriers, a provider-focused intervention was conducted. The current study is an analysis of archival data collected from the Advance Directives-Live Action Simulation Training (AD-LAST) program developed and implemented at New York Presbyterian-Queens (NYP-Q). The AD-LAST workshop aimed to improve ACP and end-of-life (EOL) conversations by increasing clinician knowledge and self-efficacy in aspects of ACP and EOL. Although the intervention was independently successful in increasing clinicians’ knowledge and self-efficacy on ACP, we found that these two measures were unrelated to one another, and may represent distinct dimensions of improvements in ACP.