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Psychology (Psy.D.)



First Advisor

Raymond DiGiuseppe

Second Advisor

Mark Terjesen

Third Advisor

William Chaplin


This study examined the psychometric properties such as the validity and factor structure of a novel Routine Monitoring (ROM) questionnaire, the Anger Management Outcome Questionnaire (AMOQ), for clients experiencing anger problems. Exploratory factor analysis supported a good model fit for a 4-factor structure (Anger-Out, Anger-In, Verbal Coercion, and General Anger). Confirmatory Factor Analysis supported the 4-factor model with all items loading on one general factor. The anger questionnaire demonstrated acceptable internal consistency on the scale and subscales, suggesting it is a reliable measure. The content validity was established based on theory and clinical practice. The construct validity of the measure was considered, and it had good convergent validity with other measures of disturbed anger. The ROM measure presented discriminate validity with measures of depression; however, the scale had significant associations with measures of anxiety. While the questionnaire was found to be a reliable and valid ROM measure for monitoring treatment progress for clients presenting with anger management difficulties, further research is required to confirm the factor structure and the AMOQ’s ability to detect change over time in clinical groups. The proposal of using a ROM for disturbed anger in a school-based setting is also considered.