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Education (Ph.D)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

Elizabeth Gil

Second Advisor

Rene Parmar

Third Advisor

Anthony Annunziato


Remedial reading academic intervention services are provided to students who are reading below grade level. Student reading ability and progress is an essential component of the learning and success for each and every student. Academic intervention service programs for struggling students are state mandated in school grades where state standardized testing is present and encouraged in earlier grades to promote the progression of the development of reading. This study explores how a school district identifies student reading progress through a remedial reading program and how progress is monitored. Participants in this study include classroom teachers, reading teachers, and school building administrators within a middle-income suburban school district in the Northeast United States. Applying frameworks from Frank Smith’s (1991) Advocacy Design Study and Edgar Schein’s (2004) theory of organizational leadership and culture to analyze and extract assumptions, artifacts, and values, this study centers around the progress of student reading is how it is identified and monitored. Emergent themes within the findings of this study center around trust and planning. The implications of this study support thoughtfully guided staff development in remedial reading teaching practices, and the positive relationship between trust, which can assist school administrators and instructional staff in the organization and instruction of a current program, and present the effectiveness and efficacy based on these findings of student outcomes.