Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Education (Ph.D)


Administrative and Instructional Leadership

First Advisor

James Campbell

Second Advisor

Erin Fahle

Third Advisor

Seokhee Cho


This study examined the quality of pre-K educational programs in New York City. I identified how program quality relates to student and teacher variables. The study used NYC Department of Education public ECERS-R data to measure program quality. I examined and analyzed to determine their influence on program quality. The independent variables are the percentage value of student’s racial composition, classroom interaction quality, program leadership quality, program type, teacher collaboration, and program community ties. The study addressed several research questions. Is program quality associated with the racial composition of students in the programs? Is there a difference in program quality among the diverse types of Early Childhood Education programs? Is there a relationship between a program’s quality score and leadership quality, teacher collaboration, and level of family and community ties? Which factor best predicts a program’s high quality? I used an ANOVA, simple, and multiple regression analyses to determine the independent variables’ relationship to the program’s quality, as measured by the program’s ECERS-R score. The outcome may support documentation of past and present research and support childhood program improvement and policy reform, at district, state, and national levels. Parents can use it as a guide to find a high-quality childcare program.