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There are many aspects to the game of baseball that many individuals are unaware of. One of these aspects is how scouting is conducted and the purpose of their job. Throughout this paper, you will get a better understanding of what scouts look for in players. There are different roles for scouts and each team has a different philosophy. Many teams are continuing to incorporate more analytics in their scouting departments. In this paper, you will read examples from scouts on current and former MLB players. You will notice how technology has changed the game over time. Finding a player’s value is the million-dollar question that all organizations are trying to figure out. The use of analytical tools has enhanced their discoveries on this topic. You will look at an example of what front offices would use in Excel to try and find value. Through Excel, you can run correlation and regression tables to test your theories. Every ounce of analytical information is used throughout the process of baseball. Whether that is in the front office, scouting departments, or on the field. Everyone is always trying to strengthen their game and analytics has stepped up its role in this process.

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