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Opponents of books in schools that depict racial and LBGTQ+ histories and narratives argue that education should be raceless and avoid political advocacy. These sentiments are succeeding in states across the country. The result of their success is the loss of an empowering and comprehensive education for all the children in the United States. Educators, who are well informed on the diverse histories of our nation and are armed with a plethora of well-written and factually sourced information, are prepared to face rampant misinformation and culture war rhetoric in our society today. The purpose of this article is to share examples of nonfiction and historical fiction books that teach factual information to students but are not part of the traditional canon. The canon as it is currently established is overwhelmingly filled with dominant White (European) authors, information, and perspective. We specifically chose to recognize historical fiction books, as well as nonfiction, as they should be harder to be challenged. These texts are rooted in historical understanding and perspectives. The texts we share are those that offer diverse perspectives, uncommonly taught in history classes, history texts, educational curriculum or as part of the canon of literature. We hope to share authentic and excellent nonfiction and historical fiction PK-12 trade books that can all be traced to factual historical documents.