To some degree, all social behaviors may be affected by cultural influences. So which national cultures could be positive influences or negative influences on the prevention of a contagion? (Roser et al., 2020). This paper explores regression models for predicting initial Covid-19 cases per capita by country utilizing only Hofstede’s six Cultural Dimensions (Hofstede et al., 2010).

Regression techniques were applied to develop predictive models for initial Covid-19 rates. Two proposed models were found that explained 54% and 60% of the variability in numbers of initial Covid-19 cases by country: The first model included only Individualism, and the second included a variable representing interactions between three of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions (introducing a “Hofstede Triad”). Implications and limitations for mathematical modeling of social behaviors, model parsimony, and potential modulation of cultural influences were discussed based on this study’s findings.